Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A little bit of info on... St Cuthbert's Way (Footpath No. 6)

To misquote author Douglas Adams (and fellow End 2 Ender Peter Brogden to a degree)...

 Scotland is big – really big! You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to Scotland... and I reckon it would give space a pretty good run for its money as well!

Footpath No. 6 represents the last path that I will walk in Scotland where it connects to the Pennine Way before crossing onto English soil.

A little bit of info on... St Cuthberts Way (Footpath No. 6)

St Cuthbert's Way is a trail which is 62 miles (100 km) long starting at the Scottish Borders town of Melrose and ending at Lindisfarne (Holy Island) off the coast of Northumberland in England. The trail is named after Cuthbert, a 7th-century saint, who was a native of the Scottish Borders and who began his monastic career at Melrose Abbey in 650AD, eventually rising to become the Abbot at Lindisfarne.

Big Dave will be walking about 32 miles of this path starting out from Melrose Abbey, where the route climbs over the fringes of the Eildon Hills before following stretches of the mighty River Tweed and the Roman Dere Street. It then passes Cessford Castle before a fine hill ridge is traversed en route to the attractive village of Kirk Yetholm.

 If you can spare a few quid for Macmillan Cancer Support, the MS Society and Help for Heroes and want to support Big Dave on his trek then please feel free to donate by clicking here -

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