Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A few messages of thanks are in order

Many thanks to Making Multiple Sclerosis My Bitch who kindly posted a link to this charity walk on their very uplifting (and surprisingly funny in places) Facebook page.

Well worth a look:

These guys are amazing... listen to this from their "about" section - "Everytime you can laugh through the bs of Multiple Sclerosis, you win. Keep winning! Never let MS define you or destroy what makes you, you! By doing this you make MS your bitch everyday. You call the shots and take back control! You cant always call the shots but you can call how you handle them. Its all process." Fantastic attitude and truly heroic in my opinion.

A second big thank you to Tony from Hiking for Military Charities for sharing the link to Big Dave's Little Stroll - Tony is doing his own hike later this year for another military charity. Well worth a look and your support.

Another thank you goes out to Gill of Please support our Armed Forces for helping us to spread the word about this walk. Our Armed Forces and families deserve more support, this page is run by 4 Serving Soldiers & a Civvie  -
Thank you also to Bernard over at the Macmillan Cancer Support FB page for helping us to spread word about this walk.
Lastly, many thanks also to Suman at the University of Hertfordshire Alumni Association for posting this up on their FB page:

"Alumnus Dave Redmond will be travelling to John O' Groats to Lands End by foot on 30 June 2014! Show him you support as he raises money for Help for Heroes, Macmillan Cancer Support and the MS Society. Visit his site for more information "
The University of Hertfordshire Alumni Association - Hatfield

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