Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A bit more info on... The Great Glen Way (Footpath No. 1)

Walking from North to South, The Great Glen Way (Slighe a' Ghlinne Mhòiris) is the first of at least 34 recognised trails that I will come across (and by that time I will already be nearly 100 miles into the journey. The Great Glen Way is ...79 miles (127 km) long and it should take me around 4 days to complete (based on a 22 mile a day walking average). It follows the Great Glen, running from Inverness in the east to Fort William in the west (where I will pick up the West Highland Way). According to Wikipedia (that trusted purveyor of fact) I'll be walking into the prevailing wind... but with views like these and with the knowledge that each mile is probably earning my charity a little more, surely it's just a Little Stroll

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