Sunday, 10 May 2015

Unfortunately guys - it's going to have to be BDLS 2016

Hi guys, it's about time I posted an update on here!

I've been holding back from making the announcement until it was certain but it is now for definite.

Unfortunately, due to a combination of financial, personal and physical reasons the walk is having to be pushed back another 12 months. I've managed to put some impressive miles in when training but not at the sustained levels required of 50 days back to back and I'm not willing to get 7 days in and have to concede defeat again... so it's a case of cracking on with training and physio for my ankle so that when the walk goes ahead I storm it! Also, I can't afford to take another two months off from practice with another baby (yes my third!) due in September (which was bang in the middle of this years scheduled dates for the walk!). 

Just to reassure everyone who has donated so far, each of the three charities (the MS Society, Macmillan Cancer Support and Help for Heroes) have bagged over £1000 each from the donations that have already been made. 

In the mean time if you see me in a luminous green or orange t-shirt rambling over the Chilterns in the early hours be sure to give me a wave or a honk of your horn - I'll be hard at work getting fighting fit for 2016!

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