Thursday, 8 May 2014

#GoBigDave Selfies! :)

A quick update whilst I'm on the move...
Massive thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all those people who have started posting #GoBigDave "selfies" in the last few days! It's been a massive morale boost for me at a time when the body and mind was beginning to flag :)
And thank you for all the recognisable faces that have started to get behind it as well! Cracking response.

If any of my friends, family, colleagues, associates, followers, former dalliances, honoured mentors, arch nemeses... anyone really... wants to take one of their own and post it up on Facebook, Twitter etc that would be fantastic! Don't forget to donate a couple of quid at the same time if you can and attach a link to - because that's what this is all about! 
I will post any #GoBigDave selfies that I see up on the blog under a new tab at the top of the page marked #GoBigDave - the list is growing at a rapid rate! :)
Don't forget - All the money raised will be divided equally between his three chosen charities: Macmillan Cancer Support, MS Society and Help for Heroes - we're already close to breaking the £2,000 barrier before a single step of this mammoth journey has even been taken... even if the training miles are now into the hundreds! :)

Can you spare a few quid in support of the MS Society, Macmillan Cancer Support and Help for Heroes?




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