Thursday, 8 May 2014

Big Dave's Little Stroll 2014 - the unflattering training montage :)

Well here it is... it's been a long time coming... the  much requested, much avoided; altogether embarrassing, less than flattering, gut wobbling, bingo wing flapping, sweaty colossus that is... the first Big Dave's Little Stroll 2014 training montage!

In the words of two Canadians far smarter than I... you've got to have a montage... even Rocky had a montage!

Enjoy, laugh, cry, feel queasy, feel strangely uneasy... laugh a bit more and then for the love of Jebus make a donation! :)

As the inimitable Mr Alun Farr so wisely advised me only a few days ago - quoting a bromance comedy classic that also contained its own epic journey - "don't go dying on me now!" 
Well, I feel like I'm about to collapse after every session of flipping cardio - and I'm eating like a man a third of my size at the minute as well - so 1127.5 miles and hundreds of training miles aside - that's got to be worth the equivalent price of a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a pint of beer for a donation ladies and gents...
Much love and many thanks to all those that have supported me and who continue to support me in my endeavour to raise as much money for Macmillan Cancer Support, the MS Society and Help for Heroes as I can - together we can really make a difference.

Can you spare a few quid in support of the MS Society, Macmillan Cancer Support and Help for Heroes?

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