Saturday, 4 January 2014

Well... the much easier journey up to John O'Groats is now all booked

The not insignificant task of actually getting up to John O'Groats to start this walk is now pretty much sorted. On a shoestring but safe and sound. National Express coach from Milton Keynes to Inverness (12 hour journey). booked. B+B up at... John O'Groats for the night before I leave (and the last bed I'll sleep on for at least 50 days). Booked. Just waiting for the guy at the Orkney Bus company to get back to me about the journey from Inverness to JO'G then that's the whole way up sorted... in fact... just heard back from Debs from Orkney Bus and I'm now booked up on that service as well.

So in honour of that landmark of British travel and that 12 hour journey I thought you guys may enjoy this little slice of liquid indie gold.
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