Thursday, 16 January 2014

Two weeks since we launched the fundraising...

It's two weeks to the hour since this page and the blog were launched. In that short amount of time we've had £415 donated (£497.50 if you include the Gift Aid), 266 people have "liked" the Facebook page and literally several thousand have been "reached" through this blog, Twitter and Facebook combined.

All this before I have even walked a step and before any "proper" training has gotten underway.

With all the support we've been getting (which is wonderful and truly amazing) I thought it was important just to put a post up to say that this walk isn't really about the walk...

it's not really about a fat bloke waddling through the countryside...

that's just the fun bit to get attention, get people interested and to start to raise awareness.

I'm glad that you guys are behind me, encouraging me; and believe me after 500 miles of this walk, when the weather turns and the calf muscles start to seize, your support is going to be the main thing spurring me on, along with thoughts about the people that this walk is for.

And that is what is really important. It's the only truly important thing about this walk - the people that this walk is for and the three magnificent charities that do all they can to support them -

Macmillan Cancer Support, the MS Society and Help for Heroes

it's true that they can't help everyone, even if they would like to.

But the work they are doing for all those millions of people and their families across the UK is truly heroic.
Can you spare a few quid in support of the MS Society, Macmillan Cancer Support and Help for Heroes?

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